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Arts Within Reach Changes Lives

If there is one thing we know, the arts change lives. Art is created for and by people, and that’s why we believe there should be no barriers: social, economic, or physical. Arts Within Reach will ensure that every person can experience the power of live performances.

Arts Within Reach is an incredible program that Wharton Center offers for economically challenged children and their families. Seats 4 Kids, our predecessor program, has been such a successful program that we are now expanding the program to other audiences that face barriers to the arts.

Thanks to Arts Within Reach, the Lansing Children’s Choir was able to bring 10 youth & their families to see Soweto Gospel Choir.

“This program gives our team members and their family members the opportunity to experience diverse performances that broaden their knowledge and cultural experiences,” says Brooke Lippert, Job Coach Program Coordinator for Peckham, Inc. Peckham, Inc., is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization, provides job training opportunities for persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

“On behalf of East Lansing High School BSU club, we really appreciate and enjoyed being at the Wharton center watching Hamilton. It was an awesome event the students are still talking about to their fellow classmates.  Thank you.”   

Contributions to Arts Within Reach:

  • Cover the cost of all K-12 students attending school day performances 
  • Allow for reduced ticket prices to develop new audiences 
  • Welcome economically challenged children and families to Wharton Center
  • Support families attending Sensory-Friendly Performances 
  • Build awareness of Wharton Center’s accessibility services.

 “We have seen a tremendous impact on adults and their children. Through this program, new excitement and interest in the arts is brought to life,” says Kim Steed-Page, Director of MSU Student Parent Resource Center. “Art is for everyone!”

Wharton Center is committed to connecting people to engaging, creative opportunities that expand their hearts, minds, and world view. Arts Within Reach has changed the lives of many people and will continue to do so in the future.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to Arts Within Reach, check out this additional information. The impact of your gift remains the same: make the arts accessible to all.   

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