Behind the Scenes Wharton Story

Wharton Story- Behind the Curtain

Sandy Thomley is the Senior Production Manager at Wharton Center. While we may be at “intermission” at Wharton Center right now, Sandy stays connected to art by painting, sewing, and reminding us that we will be together again soon.

“In this time of stress, I know, I know we will be back together. And I know that we will be sharing those moments together. It’s community, it’s storytelling, and that is the basis of all mankind.”

Sandy Thomley

How can you stay connected to art during the COVID-19 situation? We have a great list for you to keep inspiring your mind and moving your soul.

We would love to see how you are staying connected to art. Share your art with us on social media, and use the hashtag #getyourwhARTon.

Above all, we are all in this together. Our purpose is to provide opportunities to make life more meaningful through experiencing the performing arts, even virtually. Wharton Center continues to share the power of the performing arts with our community as well as, offer dynamic programming, education, and outreach to share our stories and the arts with you. Learn more about how to pARTicipate with us, and check for great new videos and tutorials to keep art at the center of your life.

What’s your Wharton Story?

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